Fairy Lilac Doll
Fairy Lilac is one of the Lala-Oopsies Fairies.


Fairy Lilac flies her own way - upside-down! - which leads to some funny swoops and loops. It also lets her see things others miss, which gives this fairy a very valuable point of view.


Lilac is blue skinned with an off-pink arm, and leg. She has neon pink cheeks and normal black button eyes. Her hair is magenta on the right and bright blue on the left, with darker blue polka-dots. Her pigtails are worn low while her bangs are curled with few strands of loose hair in the corner of her forehead. She has a blue curly antennae and a dark pink one. Her wings are translucent sky blue and fuchsia pink. Lilac wears a black and white striped dress with neon-pink tutu skirt and magenta-red band along the top.

Lilac comes in a pink themed strawberry with a blue heart sewn in the lower corner, fuchsia top, and a curly blue piece on top.


  • Fairy Lilac
  • Fairy Lilac Littles Set


  • Lilac is the only Lala-Oopsie fairy who doesn't fly in a normal way so far.