Fairy Tulip Doll
Fairy Tulip is one of the four Lala-Oopsies Fairies.


Fairy Tulip inspires her friends to work together and get things done. No problem's too tricky for her to solve, even when it involves her fear of flying over strawberry milk.


Tulip has soft pink skin with a yellow-orange left arm and right leg. Her cheeks are a gentle-rosy shade of pink while her hair is pink on the right side and orange on the left with yellow-peach polkadots. Her hair is worn in low pigtails while her bangs are curved with a single strand that hangs loosely. Her antennae curl inward, the right being bright orange and the left dark pink. Her translucent wings are pink and gold.

Tulip wears a dark pink dress with tiny orange polka-dots printed all over it and a golden tutu skirt.

Tulip comes in a bright orange peanut with a dark pink heart sewn onto the corner and matching colored curled stem on top. The zipper is bright light pink.


  • Fairy Tulip
  • Fairy Tulip Mini (Regular)
  • Fairy Tulip Mini (Pod)